The catalyst for the future of the industry

7 April 2025
Hamburg Messe

2024 Organisations in Attendance

Take your place at Passenger Experience Conference. The long-awaited one-day event brings together experts and visionaries from airlines, airframers, OEMs, suppliers and design organisations to discuss the future of passenger experience, onboard environments, and services.


Access passenger experience enhancement strategies and address consumer expectations for travel experiences.


Discover the latest insights, ideas and analyses from the people and companies that are driving the evolution of passenger experience.

What’s on

An opportunity to network, learn and have meaningful conversations to catalyse the industry. Find out the details here.

Very engaging. Also, dynamic – because I think that there is a certain dynamic interest to know what others are doing and what the future looks like. And last but not the least, I think it’s inspirational and it brings highlights of innovation, customer experience, sustainability, and other topics that will future-proof the industry.

Anne De Hauw
IN Air Travel Experience

I think it’s just amazing to see so many different people across so many different disciplines all kind of connecting around the same problems, the same experiences, and bringing really different takes. And I think you only really get when you kind of come together and you have a conversation.

Anthony Woodman
Virgin Atlantic