Aerial Ride-sharing: Designing All-new Interactions in Aviation

Aerial Ride-sharing: Designing All-new Interactions in Aviation

30 Mar 2020, 09:40 - 10:20

Hamburg Messe - Hall A4 Upper

At its outset around 2025, aerial ride sharing at scale will involve piloted aircraft, require both retrofit- and pop-up skyports, and forge co-making partnerships with public and private systems and services. Within this near-term future, there will be many unprecedented interactions across the rider experience. These interactions will accomplish critical tasks, including: ensuring rider safety, inspiring trust amongst both riders and the community at large, and linking one part of the journey with another across modalities. 

Learn how creating these essential interactions inside and outside the cabin, highlighting the moments that matter most for the future of urban mobility, offer insight and opportunity for commercial aviation, including:

  • How disruptors in mobility are thinking about the future of urban and exurban transit, and what this future means for existing operators on the ground and in the air.
  • Future opportunities and challenges across the ecosystem that will be created by increasingly intermodal travel.
  • Portability of all-new interactions across the passenger journey that may be just as useful within contemporary air travel.



  • Blake Emery


    Director, Differentiation Strategy

    Boeing Commerical Airplanes

    Blake Emery leads research with the flying public across cultures to inform interior and exterior design. He holds a variety of design patents in...

  • Devin Liddell


    Principal Futurist


    Devin Liddell is a futurist who works collaboratively with clients including Ford, Intel, Nike, Boeing, Segway, Starbucks, T-Mobile, and Toyota to...

  • Matt Derkach


    Senior Industrial Design & User Experience Lead


    As Uber Elevate’s Senior Industrial Design & User Experience Lead, Matt Derkach is shaping the future of urban aerial ride-sharing by bridging the...