Promote yourself at PEC

Promotional materials for you

Invite your network to attend Passenger Experience Conference and your session in particular with your bespoke registration link.

To create your link:

1. Create your own tracking link

Update where it says “example” with your name:

2. Create a shortened version of the link

Create a short link for use on your website and social channels using this website:

3. You’re good to go

Now you can insert the link into your social posts.

You can use the following text as an example:

“Join me at @PEC2023 as I will be discussing XXXX, offering (insert key learning take away).

Register now (insert link) 


Then attach your downloadable speaker banner (below).


Logo with date


Passenger Experience Conference Speaker






Invite Email

Download a template to invite your network to attend your session.

Media Centre

Storm Communications will be keeping all trade media up to date with what’s happening across PEC. For more, get in contact.