Speaker Presentations

Passenger Experience Conference most recently featured an introductory welcome and plenary session focusing on Innovating Tomorrow’s Travel Experiences before splitting into three streams that ran in parallel for the rest of the day: Future Connected: Multimodal Travel Solutions, Future Efficient: Lowering The Resource Footprint and Future Now: Initiatives Already Underway.

AERQ: Now Flying

Air Canada x Orson Associates: Initiatives for a New Generation of Cabins

Air4All: Creating a Better Reality

Beyond: Maximising Connections-Harnessing the Power of Data

Designworks: The Art of Immersion

Doy Design: Ultra Slim Low Carbon Seat

Fujitsu Uvance x AI Platform

Innovating Tomorrow's Travel Experiences: Prof.dr. P. Vink

Green Cabin Alliance: Sustainability Vision

Lilium X Expliseat: Future of Passenger Experience

Safran: 3 Things We Learned Designing Our First eVTOL Interior

Tangerine: Journey Unbound

Teague: Companion Content

ZIPAIR: Mitigating the Uncertainties of the Future In-Cabin